The University of Iowa

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ concerns are generally related to ventilation systems, the air, materials, and operations inside a building, moisture intrusion, and individual sensitivities.


Procedures for Evaluations and Responses

1.  Building Maintenance

  • Department Management and faculty and staff shall contact building maintenance for initial requests.
  • Common contacts are:
    • Athletics (Facilities Office, 335-9410)
    • Business Services/Tenant Properties (Heritage Property Management, 351-8404)
    • University Housing/Residence Services (Facilities and Operations, 335-9970)
    • UIHC (Facility Operations Maintenance & Engineering, 384-5208)
    • UI (FM@YourService, 335-5071)
  • If the issue is not resolved, building maintenance will inform the department and forward results of the investigation to Environmental Services.

2.  FM Environmental Services (319-335-5500)

  • Environmental Services will conduct an expanded investigation by evaluating basic air quality parameters in the complaint area and looking for common air contaminant sources. 
  • In the event the investigation is unable to identify and correct the source of the issue, Environmental Services will contact EHS.

3.  Environmental Health & Safety Office

  • EHS will evaluate each case individually and determine the best method to proceed with issues that reach this level. 


  • Costs related to an indoor air quality evaluation are generally the responsibility of the department with the affected person(s) or the requester of the services such as a medical provider or workers compensation carrier.
  • University service units will determine costs on a case-by-case basis, taking into account availability of staff experts, resources, and factors involved in the case.